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VisualMill - developing mnogoosevuyu processing

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Kvarz12 wrote:

Which frezoy diadem work (dozen and length)

Well, have a guess what work.



darksega wrote:

Probably all ??? 700 mm / shadowing Command goes. And not seok. :)
I don't know in mache F700 writes.

VisualMill not keeps managing remove speed applying / displacement in seok, camping on E. Only mm / mines, or inches / shadowing and chasing



Such a balyasinu (with internal sides) permanent turn 4 axis not tickles do camping on K. There is contrary corners. There is 2 way to do model with inverted angles:
1) method reverberates on 45 • camping on E.
One takes the grunt and ask maximum lowering such until -5mm. (0 - center axis.)
One takes 4 axis Title block > voice table 45 •
Again the grunt and so until 315 •
Then for chistovoy also turn on 45 •.
Kompilit code UE better for each processing separately, and rotate axis manually. Otkompilil entirely with twists and screwed up... Oscar-B.S. why.
My balyasinka sign around 7 hours its the length of the price of the two. Dozen 44mm. But this because that being asked right mills. Did D6’s organs is r0 company L =7 5mm. And konusnaya R0.25’s organs is K5 last but
If would was D6’s organs is within one the client can be was not to do, and nedoshedshie seats finalize an a file in it. Under radiusnoy Edgar Froese the surface almost net is obtained.
And for Baluster-shaft with domestic oral under processing turn need long such, to tsangoy not offense stocking and safe passage on Z should allow transitions over industrius camping on K. Knockout such big will i.e. American) if beam 100x100, then blowers must hanging around on half diagonally + 5mm below zero and supply 5mm. And this 80mm. Rotating blade D6 -L price of the two is worth 1200ry :(
This way to universal. With him can be done detail any complexity, all depends on tool and press.

2) Don’t universal, but rapid for mass production:
Immediately one takes cylinder from piece of where the cutting will.
On cylinder, one takes spiral in gender turnover and array (or simply copying actrally) 3 pieces for example. Lines on which will pass blowers and on it boring for example on -5 (axis center - 0) (to center montaza visa Latvija bet on) and so on each spiralke (in a visual person Millais B.S. as such do)
If rotating blade a spherical, then with Far side (domestic) spiral montaza visa Latvija will akuratnaya borozdochka.
Then fasonnoy (? Ultra) frezoy characters on these same spiralkam with small deepening to do external radius.
Saw such the commercial on youtube. There for 10 mines balyasina is ready was.
Ca I under Captain Hindsight mowing the lawn and said all known dogmas B.S..
Btdubs can a similar balyasinu as have you on Figure do in iges format. If interested in dimensions write.

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Btdubs can a similar balyasinu as have you on Figure do in iges format. If interested in dimensions write.

Edited darksega (Today 15 :05: 17) Watson: Ta. Mostly himself model do, camping on K. Account for to rule, scaled made something to change, tailor under already skleenuyu stocking, step then hard to rule (only scaled) here to do model with history. In solide, or inventor.



Solidus (coin) me not grassroots. I don't know why.
Do in ProEnginer or our compass, in 3dmax decor patterns.
Not know-as tverdotelnuyu model on krivolineynuyu the surface impose. -manually deformation.
Now. Maybe, you also we homemade machine do (already year :)) from profіlnikh pipes with battlefields 700kh600mm. On controlled strictly for bearing on the specialized slide down certain pipes-start with herself. One senses the still shit, piss tickles :)
Other rinokam4 there like more opportunities than in vizualmill, at least on youtube in commercials differences many from vizualmill, ca there can be continually on now process.
Can be of course hour kill and in G really in notepad these the rises to remove, then constantly will the issues.

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Can be of course hour kill and in G really in notepad these the rises to remove, then constantly will the issues.. Suspect that "get back a little" a little more excited :canthearyou: and possibly in notepad replace for example all z10 on short to Z from above?
About podemov was insane thought draw it razvertku in artkam with thousands of iterations and pitch on it diagonal :rofl:

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Then need to not Z10 transition in Mile to point fingers, and something more exotic to not mistaking the, suddenly Z10 will during processing. For example Z 999 questioning levels transition and in notepad to rule. But would still regulation Gorski Hotel reception one thing significance Z everywhere (otherwise Over 99 hours gonna be wasting) and this will be max R + high transition, that can be done and so in Millais.
Easier then in Delphi app write, which Z will touch and questioning rise from current Z not 10 and the current + 1 although this from model depends. Perhaps. If vertical rise a sharp there is can be screw up detail.

Can be in Delphi editor of cycles of processing write. In really after all only team and a.



Below center blowers not falls



Under what processing?
I have like norms’ve been.



Finish last but, across volokn, and you what strategy balyasinu proizvoditeley.



Horizontal Roughing + Rotate Table Operation
Turn off towards 45 •
Under constant turn (4th axis Title block finishing) domestic corners not handles on balyasine.

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Here is still, repeated manual cutting of)

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Of our protection. Tested UE VisualMill with 4 hinge.
And so in 10 times faster Passage on UV izoparam immediately client 45 mines against 5 hours :) But in VisualMill such processing there.



darksega wrote:

Horizontal Roughing + Rotate Table Operation
Turn on 45 •
Under constant turn (4th axis Title block finishing) domestic corners not handles on balyasine.

Edited darksega (29-05-2014 20 :26: 56)

Can be on for more about this,
At all interested in on moves as correctly align mnogopozitsionnuyu on 4 axes? Can lesson there is, I the entire staff real life instance all that was able find only many axial processing, which on the principle of mechanic slide, where axis Y at all not is participating,



A book- esteem
Also prima on 1 page this line lesson
Detalyushku rapolagay along axis H. Suppose on Y in the center of the details tool is worth, then Osi A will turn, and on X will walk along condiments, Z upward-down. Then Y not is participating.

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Generally on 4m sides has understood, but here is there is the problem and crusade this on the door frame programs?
Exactly itself detail, need vypilit from dyuralki

Crap that so pictures of the pasted but on Different they not are inserted into, and not are downloaded :/ storage/8/4/5/1jpg_8062377_12444845.jpg

And here is the problem, When aggregating in Horizontal hanger Don’t dorezaet until the most borders details, under this Stok is worth zero and not dorezaet roughly 1mm, I noted for visibility arrows

Has tried so same then finish making the and finishing, generally, too, on the door frame

And as only I not has tried, with strange but he passes makes precisely zadanno if the depth of 1mm, then through 1mm and makes and no matter him that need where the smaller,

Night not slept not ate not saws, Help!

PS / the that detail only on half vypilena the so and intent is then cut to disco d

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In Horizontal hanger, too, also not makes up for camping on E. If step on Z is worth 2mm, then he so and goes with this step, although pripusk have been putting 0.5 mm. Would still spiral staircase right underneath 2mm is obtained.
Under chistovoy spherical have you step Y too big is worth. Cut parametres - > stepover control - > distance = 0.2 try.
Program the simple and in it there is no many brooches. (Type ask area for draft processing, pripusk and tool and she herself adjusted for pripuska chooses Rouseff all meat - in a visual person million like such a there.)



As same all not cautiously is obtained, T.’s either me whet with step 0.1 as on Z so and BMP, to gain that the extended to grinding halt after form, but this same simply prozhivu, clock whet will, little moreover that records all, so still and long, on hundreds of times undergo a tell by and those same jobs without bribery. And under this in ensured vector not constitute because she is sweeping only on specified moves.
So is obtained?



In Global Parametrs install there just 200th of, and Perhaps brad (break) will have on tracts of processing.

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Ah here is and is obtained that need step questioning minimal, That that me och liked under 4th Axis hanger can be establish Sut Axial camping on’s limit cutting max on axis Y from 20mm until 40mm, and can be similar limiting impose on Horizontal hanger, quite such a I not found even in manuale



Yes can be. For example in a plane X0Y chertish rectangle and manage your as limiting. If regulation process method reverberates, for example on 45Gr. The and regulatory frame like, too, need to will reverse.



Chet I in program not can find as this rectangle roots and those more as ask that this limiting, the second question, today was test, and was simply aggrieved by, under Quick reverberates Rotate modifier Table kind\ it turns out not denominated level of raising tool under turn, more he touted in zero point on all axes, thus work 1 side then coup and break the a milling machine, so as center of coordinates from center details, had to then pens to rule code.



Right from worker windows there is panelka with tabbed (1 on skrine) points, farmacy (here there is rectangle of to be the determining factor to point), we &, curves- > create surface - prompt on dig and he ochertit this dig - do limiting with pane ends tsilіndrichnіy details under processing with permanent turn.
(2) - here that the economic restrictions.
Rotating blade not exits on secure distance until reverberates. Such a same is nonsense. Angle-cock frezoy D6 began process and under turn began cut on entire depth mountain birch. Slightly from understanding sound assemble the bricks not imposed :)
I do UE for each processing separately, and in mache I'm turning it manually axis A on 45 • and launch an the next processing.
P. S.: At all there is such a our Russian CAD / CAM GeMMa3D (4D) there over9000 species processing, but interface on the early unintelligible, programmery oldskulnye its did. V10-has license, v9 like there is tame. Harder this, but profita more. And she much cheaper overseas CAM type Solid`ov. Us secured in goes with stanochkom.
Also UE on 4 axis can be to do in artkame, on it in networks there is post to came.



Is famously! Has understood. D means to do on pieces unfair.
And to up a blank not upend in manual, can be simply in text box photo editor find all the premier
(Rotate Table Operation)
G00 Z0.0000
X0.0000 Y0.0000
And no Z0.0000 on guidance ranges safe zone in my case this was 10 mm in diameter G00 Z10.0000
Thus before unconnected to rotating blade leaves on 10 mm in diameter from 0y point on Z
Darksega not can questioning until + + +
On this human thank you you!

Motivate please not can correctly translate governance the speed
Can who write down more specifically, that for what,

Rotterdam, I so understand this the speed submersion such until condiments, ionospheric and engage I so understand the speed submersion in up a blank?
Cut This is the speed cut on horizontally?
And the quite I cannot correctly for 4th axis calculate traction, Mach3 unlikely all can do in mm, respectively when aggregating strategy 4th Axis hanger the she my 2kh centimeters detail in diameter have which a circle 6.3sm roughly, Mach3 believes 360gr as 360mm, that in many times slows the speed) so for them to be spinning apparently cut need to set the speed cutting not 15mm. With and in several more, under this the speed applying submersion should remain 15mm, with, here is and it here the brain from unfamiliarity with englisha

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Bountiful days forumchane! Need advice, on computer, okay teetered the tasks 32, rinokam 2 worked normal, but under miscalculation big models wrote that lacks memory. Bought RAM, was 4 became 8. Respectively that would deploy entire memory established the tasks 64. Now rinokam2 believes and big files but perishing very long. Established VisualMill with the changeover module CAM. For comparisons on the picture product size of in wide with podderzhkami 31mm, weight in 3dm file 58mb, rinokam 2 yes and 3 pose consider one side where the half an hour of exercise, and here is VisualCam on one side moves away several minutes. Not understandable, after all programs use one and the same algorithm miscalculation. On what such a the difference? Who can rebuffed with so. Can in emotionaI setting Rina's someone check need to.

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In my opinion: 1) Our time for standing pat miscalculation depends on the most SAM camping on E. From krivorukosti program is just what. (As organized multithreaded calculation and there is whether he at all. If in proge not scatter on flows, then would still several cores will work, but not so effectively)
2) . From on accuracy miscalculation trajectory. T. E. Noticing in SAM programs - if the accuracy of calculation movement such is worth 0.001 the miscalculation goes in 2. 3 times longer than under 0.1
3) (not fact) If model airplanes one takes himself the perhaps can be maintain in format iges? They weigh less and in file contain not over9000 triangles (as perhaps have you), and that splines and perhaps from this the very easier to do calculation. Pity there is no source to what thread SAM to attach the their make with's perverted fantasy :crazy:
P. S.: What precent is worth?

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Oddly that both module created one and those same producer. And on the idea of algorithm miscalculation should be the same. Precent - intel driver core 2quad. And still sorry can for nubovskiy question, but ???? here triangles.

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The that wrote not there is fact, only hunches. Know accurately that from accuracy calculation depends time calculation. Perhaps in RinoKame is worth much the accuracy of.
Purely theoretically with perspective miscalculation I.M.H.O., easier calculate when for dealing with visual the surface, than with this same's surface consisting of thousands of triangles (format indicate present, too, many weighs and there codified crested primitives). Example: Passage on the surface Bezier pay much faster possessing data about under the, than touch 1,000 triangles.

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Vivid! Tell as on 4 created from field zero such, 2 templates botched, the trouble is, that on top templates not quite is obtained accurately field Y, so as dozen templates walking on 0.2-0.4mm, camping on’s already not option, yes and not understandable as same on Edgar Froese, if it as such a center not in sight, so would modicum needle in ambivalent patron stuck a and on it fielded, and here not is obtained, can there is tipping? Broke a, that under turn on 180gr, shift from Far side almost in 1mm, and I need maximum 0.1mm margin of, yes and on perform well Z, too, the problem, I need Duraluminium vypilit here as with tree not gonna fly.



Do cylindrical up a blank recognized on 4 axis and not removing next commercialization to do terrain? Then should be at all without 3-6.
You attach this piece of in tsange moreover such D6) 're letting down through to Chishmins touches with step 0.01) center will equals smesheniyu on D6 / 2 + D (templates) / 2. (Fill) Skyfall diameter center found (I have this Y).
On length of his billets I give in the center of the between patron of and the back Bedelia is. (X) obnulyayu.
're putting a milling machine in X =0, Y =0
You attach this piece of tool on the necessary length (knockout from Collet) and on 2mm) you shoved your deeper in tsangu. 're letting down tool to templates on roughly 2mm to then on Z (x & y have us in zero are worth, loosen tsangu giving instrument very concern the templates (himself will plummet under their weight or help hands a little bit of a) - 're tightening our tsangu. Obnulyayu Z and'm putting down on D (templates) / 2. Again obnulyayu (to not become entangled) Z0 our.
This if 0 have you on center tsilіndrichnіy billets (on axis of rotation of)
Like as something so.



Thank you! So and did, in end divergence for two a parallel sides almost 1mm, here is and think that not so made,
So and did, center in mid-condiments, only Y in a the early, this length I have, and here is on X and on Z did on longer, he I have in diameter 8sm, respectively, put until of touching Y eleventh on 4mm + 1.5mm (gender such) rotating blade 3mm in diameter, established zero, on z simply lowered the on 40mm, and established zero, in end not soosnost full, on Z, too, there is divergences, so as in diameter Lies detail less,
Rotating blade little dumb though, special one. Pose for through trial, but the crux of the not is changing, in hole in sight Grabovets



And rigidity press allows to do such things from an aluminium alloy? 4 axis's screwed in to table or to falshstolu? What beating tool? Incredibly part of portal or the table? Dumb frezoy certainly up a blank oppression during cut.
About this ask need clearly not in this the Frost.
At the work you with D16T - pruning within the lines 20mm leaf. The size of the moves away on 0.1 (be delving on 0.2, blowers D6)
Perhaps reasons in mechanics, Quick, fastening, not in really.

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Not not, gears and springs on forms of unfortunately accurately, until 0.1mm, on forms of material the speed I have is worth 12mm\ with depth 1mm for Passage, and all enough say the, resonance there is no, breath comfortable, rotating blade D3mm, I usually small gears and springs do, here clear on the door frame I have with stop zero,



darksega wrote:

The that wrote not there is fact, only hunches. Know accurately that from accuracy calculation depends time calculation. Perhaps in RinoKame is worth much the accuracy of.
Purely theoretically with perspective miscalculation I.M.H.O., easier calculate when for dealing with visual the surface, than with this same's surface consisting of thousands of triangles (format indicate present, too, many weighs and there codified crested primitives). Example: Passage on the surface Bezier pay much faster possessing data about under the, than touch 1,000 triangles.

Edited darksega (10-06-2014 21 :23: 23)

So and there is, in emotionaI setting-stood overvalued performance.



Greetings all - there are several stupid for the beginner question but alas himself deal not can = established program - all was well but in some kind moment turned over mesh from horizontal position in vertical - axis X has become instead Z and harvesting now not along nets and across

Correct all - not can deal that would axis were as been paved with netting (

And still a question real quick - in artkame made model the Arab in ring but preserve not goes - how to do this in rhino? Wind back terrain in ring and preserve in indicate present?
And as can be impose one terrain rolled-in ring on the other - for example on steel or glass that would he throwing himself prostrate across Tiananmen?

D very appreciate it for answers - thank you



So. About axis like has understood -- remained question pro ring and an overlay terrain - ah raze not goes (



See lessons on youtube - rhinoceros modeling jewelry



Comrades I so and not understood with this line someone works already in 2012 and there is whether normal the medicine??



Faced here is with such problem = uploaded model rings - all ottsentroval all well -- under miscalculation draft processing for example frezoy 1mm direct - all well - find it as need to on emulator all well - but here is only some of the mill konusnuyu -- nothing not goes -- trajectory mad only manage your direct such modicum in diameter 0.1-0.01 all well is considered and shows is famously

In than the problem? Why ring not wants to cut feed frezoy - even the most gossamer?

There is thought - that need to more questioning pripusk on the processing as times for shift tool -- on his a corner -- or I not rights?

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Screen let-as mill ask? With were (where dozen, guidance ranges of butt-end, tilt) and what parameters the most such (with site where bought these its).
Allowance (engineering) weather on side feed itself progressive Rock must celebrities judging by from wrought By - half of full degrees such. At least in other SAM so. Here, too, itself progressive Rock must this account for.



Here is made skriny = like became goes - but playground within not chooses = has tried cut on 45kW -- all as on vizualizatore - that need to to point fingers and account for in the and pripuskakh -- if he is done himself = = I himself made machine for grind Tungsten bit and bit for work on it drip -- the main direction jewelry - not big model until 100mm-

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Mini-skriny klikabelnye need to was put.
1) There are the reason to do without draft? For example in position 0 degrees, when revivalist under stumbling from above choose meat from this holes.
2) At full depth rotating blade not car breaks down?
In 4th Axis Parallel finishing (last but) - > Cut Parameters > Cut 2023) Containment install there Western Jackdaw and Felch 0 (if blowers not kryaknet of course)
Last but must undergo only on the surface details, not choose meat. For this there is company and more large such.
Under processing with permanent turn revivalist. Will with tilt camping on K. Rotating blade is being shifted only on turret until axes.

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Are looking - I did for rings similar opravku =
From metal carved layer disc diameter of 17 - which immediately mounting your on shagovik -- on layer disc dress different waxy templates in dependence from thickness of the 3D model -- for example on bolte flat model tokschina 3mm on fat 5mm and vast --

So here is question - can be whether in this proge ask immersion such in such here is windows or on the locking -- that would blowers not came yes a metal're blank for example on 0.1mm? The-there is depth notches manually can be care a? If questioning in 0 the blowers starts diving until center and polomaetsya see.

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Cut 2023) Containment - there where ticked 0 enter the size of the (guidance ranges) clicked + 0.1 to opravku not grazed. (This guidance ranges below which blowers not will tumble down)




Thank you for cues
Today has tried cut figure on wax -- program with step 0.01 commanded very long -- observed that turning axis too slowly revolves -- I have in 2015 is worth significance 300 mm in minute on all the motors -- so as details not strongly big in average moves away until 2 hours with step 0.01 -- so thrill again question --naprimer in program in graph tool I give all meaning not 300mm in minute and 2000mm = and in really Match3 I give in configuring matorov - all axis 500 and turning A = 2000mm - so can be to do? To -- turning was twirling for example faster than the rest? Or as me accelerate processing for example smooth the surface but with step radialnym = 0.01mm (word processing not along and radially) as like, tokarki

Here is the photo that ‘ on turn a centerfold

Light of course no so the quality of (but live well - under such a a small size the quality of processing good - but perishing very dolgooooo
That would in this case?
After all significance 300mm in minute on turning axis directly zavist from length the circle diameter templates and vast.



On expense speeds in mache not very aware of that. Perhaps nor what bad not will if in velocity recast 2000 KhZ.
I have, too, after connectivity and pioneering 4 axis circus by the very slowly. Has tried so: In field MDI in mache vpisyval G00A360 and watched as revolves 4 axis, after was increasing the parameter velocity and in MDI - G00A0 and so loss for. Not remember how many there stay now, but like 5,000 and 400 acceleration. Now tide is turning quickly.
The speed 300 of course a small I on 600-1,000’ve worked on tree with step 0.2 (D1.5 rotating blade) and 300-600 D16T.
The speed depends on rigidity press, diameter such so not broke), depth passage, the treated material, speed SD.
If material soft and rotating blade 1,5mm) the speed perhaps can be questioning and top marginal. From speed type the quality of the surface still will depend - less better. After all wax! Burden on mill no, I so think. Can be try and on 800-2000 mm per minute cut this oil :) or wax an excellent from wax given? Another not saw in life.
And why step 1 Here's a hundred? Too a small. Homilies step more field.
If worked at determined whether an engraver, then how many mm 1,85 gravera? For example under the billet 0,4mm minimal step which pose 0,07mm (on Z 0.1 - 1 mm where how many metal remained). But only under processing - very kind for previous instrument (not in a visual person million) and the och long is obtained. Cultivated D16T.



mesarubka wrote:

question --naprimer in program in graph tool I give all meaning not 300mm in minute and 2000mm = and in really Match3 I give in configuring matorov - all axis 500 and turning A = 2000mm - so can be to do?

I accurately so same did. On A 15,000, on the rest of the axes limited in Masn3 until 1,300. Glitch not was. On 3 hours word processing.



About wax = this range jewellery wax = he rugged and under cutting gives those shavings,
About mills = parameters I do himself for example last but - has dozen holder 2mm - the cutting part of 6mm (sharpening) ah and a corner roughly 5grad itself rotating blade-35-50mm - instead spindles - is worth the motor on 25,000 about as like, gravera - for my goals with head yes and in metals unfortunately so as machine fully metals -- rigidity many run - did himself for themselves and their tasks

About osiA - stuck still ponastraivat in Match3 - but fear to under big meanings speed not was heated the motor or not burn down his.
Step - 0.01 under very small details (on example heads = the 9-millimeter • the 9-millimeter) such Passage gives a good purity - after casting will be very little processing

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Please can you tell me newcomer. In Visualmill 6 do simple processing '4 axis Title block prifiling' Everything is famously is displayed. But when believes code here is such mesivo on exit betrays.
G00 G49 G40.1 G17 G80 G50 G90
(4 Axis Profiling)
M6 T3
M03 S12000
G00 G43 H0 Z15.5882
G01 Y15.0750 A179.921 F25.4
Z12.9908 A179.921
Z15.5882 A-179.921
Z11.9908 A179.921 F3000.
Z15.5882 A-179.921
Z10.9908 A179.921
Z15.5882 A-179.921
Z9.9908 A179.921
Z15.5882 A-179.921
Z8.9908 A179.921
Z15.5882 A-179.921
Z7.9908 A179.921
Z15.5882 A-179.921
Z6.9908 A179.921
Z15.5882 A-179.921
Z5.9908 A179.921
Z15.5882 A-179.921
Z4.9908 A179.921
Z15.5882 A-179.921
Z3.9908 A179.921
Z15.5882 A-179.921
Z2.9908 A179.921
Z15.5882 A-179.921
Z1.9908 A179.921
Z15.5882 A-179.921
M5 M9

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It seems Visualmill6 very records generates code in 4-'s axial processing and precisely with parameter Across Axis. Along axis like would as correctly. Who, as and than be treated by this. Call out please. Post - Mach3’s organs is mm


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