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From whom what machine?

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Such "miracle":



I have two press in work and both for processing stone one TJ9015 posts workers battlefields 90 • 150 • 20 centimeters, the second TJ 4040 40 • 40 • 10 see Ways of payment). I his only launched. On passport he intended for twist\ Botki Jade, but I frezeruyu on it marble, granite, tree. The third machine until is worth in packaging, for him until there is no room, despite expand his workplace of field 90 • 60 • 20. On a small 45kW spindle 1.5 kW, on other 3 kW all with water-cooled and Auftragserteilung SOZh on mill.



All bountiful time days, here is our machine artmaster. On the sly developing, machine very likes, from negative only had on beaded (axis which lived their lives, but his have replaced and now all well.
Size the table 1650kh1330
2 spindles Elte of a 2kW
Turning axis
5 pneumatic prikhvatov
A remote control DSP50.

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yashcher wrote:

I got the need for forced muster here is such.

Profile cube 60kh40, 20kh40, 40kh40.
The movable rack on controlled strictly for bearing, Motorhead429 / sandbox from of reactor.
Spindle KRESS

Engines FL57 unipolyarnye, have connected as bipolar.
Field 500kh700kh200. End electronics bought these ready.
Increasingly works already 2 year.

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Podskajite from what made himself the table with "gives" pazom?



DeKot wrote:

A than is governed by machine? If Mach, then in emotionaI setting there is function Chat On / Off external devices (the same spindles). See Input # 1.

If ??? supports, I have this part of it's burned. you all, now manually incl / off)
Could you tell me where revere pro tables with "Tbilisi" imaginative, pazom, ?????



Here is on overall Court our stanochki: Tokarka



And frezer with battlefields 2000 • 1,000


’ ve worked on such a, its until in make

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And this – my workplace. A pity that not my :) Wu whom experience work with so there is (my six months)



My first machine 4 koordinatnyy. For jewellery direction.
Spindle 300vatt. From 5-50,000 about. Shadowing
Cast stanina,
Motorhead429 / sandbox
The price 230,000rub. Year ago.

Reliability and the accuracy of'Fantastic,
Was the problem in "pointimetric" shoes shaft spindles, but with the help responsive forums (special thank younikson, stasblak)
For couple of top three days found several options decisions problems, now its there is no. work turning axis. Frame a homemade.

Conceived ask Council by choice second (furniture) press,
Created subject Which machine choose for sawmills, desirable 4 axis
But unfortunately not one answer.
In this topic prchel all with the outset, but to cinema is quite old not all detail write pro their looms, or not cast exile
On producers or sellers. So was would easier navigate.
Here fludit not want, but aid very need a.
For previously thank you.
With respect Ruslan.
Please help me.

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Machine a cameo In NSPF "Cemil" Propulsion Goods!’ve worked year, exasperated!



F-Roger wrote:

Surface Polishing Machine a cameo In NSPF "Cemil" Propulsion Goods!’ve worked year, exasperated!

Can be much detail, and photo.



Did himself, workplace of field 700kh800

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Hello forumchane. Here is and my stanochek. Workplace of field 2500kh1300kh300 and 3 pieces turning axis on every spindle and servodvigateli.



Here is my stanochek. Workplace of field 650kh900

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Greetings all I have machine vertically frezernyy 60A80MF4 with the system computer numerically controlled Siemens 802c. The size of the the table 1,200 / 800mm high until spindles 1000mm, one aaaea breakup of CEEOA) weighs 3 ton and holds its hydrobalance. Mr SMlTH: Processing with mostly metal. Buildin 'no bookcase stars, armored glass) large module and together different details.



The first launch robochee field 830 ?1,100



Good looms, but only as you there breathe, more accurately than?
Not easier removal of fervor, than its throws himself at your feet.




Resolve to imagine my SM-1,500

Labor area: 1,000 • 500 • 75 mm
The size of the the table: 1200x600 mm
Consider positioning: 0.01 mm
Repetitive: 0.05 mm on 150mm
The speed displacement: 1,500 mm / shadowing
There binding holes in table: M6
Connectors mechanical switches on all axes.
Weight press: 50 kg

Is worth homes, late try to put not include, plan do shumku on balcony and still need to something devise with the vacuum cleaner.



Chanceler 1978, what blowers in video? With dust as doing a great job?
Nalivnyh, noise many in apartment? Neighbors resent? Have us machine is worth in ground floor trade homes, noise at the work you is worth on the whole basement.



Resolve to imagine my machine. Workplace of field 850kh550kh110, 4 coordinate of the in the process construction:
Provaril, before these poprikhvatyvav around the the perimeter small spots, to not from:
Began be preparing under painting
Dyed his



Graduated a new machine, 'm tuning up



And that this for device in the background? Controller, but that for controller?



snickers wrote:

chanceler 1978, what blowers in video? With dust as doing a great job?
Nalivnyh, all buzz in apartment? Neighbors resent? Have us machine is worth in ground floor trade homes, noise at the work you is worth on the whole basement.

Noise and dust very many. Wife told - "me got this this sawmill!"))



sdelkin wrote:

A that this for device in the background? Controller, but that for controller?

Question me? If me the controller, box himself did, driver 2M542, bloc nutrition simple, transformer on 30 volts



Earlier my himself slepl



Here is and my the second hope better first (workplace of field 1200kh900)

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I have such:
Worked. Field 900kh700, the first my machine. Electronics purchase, increasingly else samodelal.



Recently became explore here is this the Chinese miracle - CNC Router-1,500



My breadwinner
Chinese. The table 2300x1300, spindle GDZ120X103-4.5 18,000 with RRTS



Here is my, did under Made to Order in Novosibirsk, workplace of field 690 • 970 • price of the two



Here is my monster moving))

Ah and vakuumnik which brought together!


Wanted, too, a similar to buy. Question that this, sorry if that the not understood

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12v wrote:

We wanted for, too, a similar to buy. Question that this, sorry if that the not understood

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This super paintjob Kharbinskiy, yes and't push yourself have improved!



My first pyatiosnik

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My first an IED, the tracks hiwin, axis tyagayut servo YASKAWA on 200 hz, headache belt 2 / 1. Field 1,200 • ?1,100 • 250. Spindle with water cooling, 2.2 kW, Chinese. Paintjob exclusively from rusting, simply tarred the remnants of of paints, that were in items :blush:.



3dcnc, look like?
Errori for "zasratost", he was sawing down Sandstone without cleaning.



I have stanochek slightly easier. Small, yes the new big. With workers battlefields 400kh650. Grand Canal from Deputywith Poltava.
On photo not my, but such-same!



ruh2100 wrote:

3dcnc, look like?

Only have you 3 axis. What size worker field and why such a category: Kinematics for 3 axis laser press?



380 on 240 and 180 on Z. Machine for narezaniya round of the spike and groove "in stools-both ways, the main the table have him vertical, horizontal removable. 4-comes the axis was,, rearranging on big machine.



Here is such I have, homemade.
Y cable, on X belt, on Z propeller. Workplace of field 1200kh2200mm. The speed on X, Y until 10m / shadowing and chasing Works already 3 year without problems.



Here is my first.
Grand Canal from kitkomplektom in Japan based company. + small for 25 bucks.
Labor area 210 • 190 • 70



Been collected at work in free time in the den as we speak 2,5kh4 Dam, seats little so without machine bed, on wheels (not carrying same on the hands of). Stanina will made on place installations. Workplace of field 900kh880kh350.

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Took Chinese court 17207
Very many server smoked in the process studying and selection, but Ugh Ugh like increasingly norms.
1200kh1200mm, 2.2kVt, these were engineers okhlozhdenie, the entire on the rails + unified cast mineral stanina



Here is – my baby, the first my experience in following branches



My a homemade a small



And here is and my with napravlyayuschimi from print machines to, 4-'s koordinatnyy.

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My the second machine.
Without VAT frezernyy machine with computer numerically controlled ZeldeR1325TV
With liquid ring vacuum pump 1 Flintstones 100,000
2 it (device 60 100,000
3 Dvukhmeshkovaya system cleaning 25 100,000

In including VAT -
Just to remunerating: 682 100,000

Characteristics equipment:

Frezernyy machine with CNC ZeldeR1325TV
(Options with: Mind device, system cleaning)

The size of the zone processing BMP, mm 1300kh2500
Displacement spindles on axis Z, mm 300
Type of Desktop hybrid (vacuum + T shape in grooves)
Maximal the speed, mm / shadowing 25000
Maximal labor the speed, mm / shadowing 20000
The accuracy of, mm 0.03
The accuracy of a repeat of, mm 0.05
Type of transfer of X / Y / Z kosozubaya
Rake / a tooth rake / Motorhead429 / sandbox
Type of encompassing X / Y / Z of high / of high / of high
Feeding encompassing, mm 25
Name encompassing Hiwin
Type of engine stepper 110mm
Name driver have
Capacity spindles, kW 4.5 kW
The frequency of rotation of spindles, R.P.M. 0 - 24,000
Cooling spindles Reversible water
Name inverter Delta
Type of Collet ER-25
Max your D tool, mm 16 mm
Fastening templates vacuum, amechanical fashion
System governance DSP a remote control
Code teams G-code
Memory, Mb 128
The sensor length tool there is
System lubrication a me a a pet
Tension, In 380
The frequency Toka Hz 50
Dimensions without wrapping Afghan / happier / in, mm 3000kh2300kh1600
Dimensions in packaging Afghan / happier / in, mm 3100kh2400kh1700
Weight gross, kg 1,300
Weight of net, kg 1,200
Mind device y. Length – 1,500 mm, dozen – 200 mm
System cleaning Dvukhmeshkovaya, 3 kW

Characteristics a vacuum pump Tongyou

Type of pulp
Productivity m3 / untangle 250
Vacuum absolute Bar (pressure) (residual pressure) 200
Vacuum the relative Bar (pressure) (razryazhenie) -800
Capacity kW 5.5 kW
The frequency of rotation of (about / shadowing) 960
Level of noise dB 81
Weight kg 340

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Himself’ve worked on here is this, with worked. Battlefields 1200kh600kh100

Fraser - Kress 1050 Financial Supervisory Authority in Iceland

Drive axis X two securely Motorhead429 / sandbox right and from Left.

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A la "Trudogolik."
Thank you cncmasterkit

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