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Photo ready products exempted - the first work

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All when the were beginning. Though some already were born parties’smart and experienced.
Joy the first the striations, random samples and established with your the first presses is enormous - this masterpiece! Without the exaggerations. Especially when before these not handled never. After all he himself unfortunately and I would stand and'm! So from overflow feelings want immediately to share, show that broke a.
But should be what the sense of measures and sensitivity that can be show itself and relatives, and that can be field on observations.
Some Dont photo immediately from under press, when terrain pleasantly not visible. I, too, so did. But finishkoy can be product as bring until an acceptable species, so and ispaganit terminally.
As see quite novice chpushnika? On communication products immediately from press. All such were, this an unforgettable sense of pride - Oh, jeez! I made! And this remarkable, when it came from simply desires until ready products. Have many deal further desires do machine not it comes.

Some Dont the first a relic - that icon (type I still am learning, so broke a not very. But after all that icon - not for training facilities. For cutting as icons of needs to be prepared to this, not simply so anything cut! I actually right first - Igorevskuyu (the most affordable, in networks) - when calculated that already ready. It turns out that sooner I so believed. Actually right - or coincided, or this not simply so - 3 weeks was sick, with already began stack list iron for wife that afield and where sell in case moreover. Until now believe that still not ready.

In general the crux of the themes such is: Spit it out here photo the first work on 45kW. Here can be increasingly (within of decency of course :blush:) - here handle the with understanding, and if will question - with answer.

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Fully agree. Himself today so fell. Even perhaps many offended the portrayal his first experience.



Photo ready products exempted-4



Outlets diameter of about 60mm. Was cutting as an onlay on holes from castles in doors.
Model with Forum. Material CBO’s measure



The most the first - memory Aveteda kudrenka (equipped UE with description - the first the tryout many samodelschikov) cut herself an engraver from drills an 8mm

Then rezalsya from libraries Doberman first brother-in-law



If to talk about the most first work, then here is they) on them the first couple's Godparents have filled.

The frame, incidentally, the first attempt to sketch in kame)



, too, when concocted mere, immediately decided to try, found equating the in the yard many years've been lying on the street, even inward dirt engulfed. But not moldering oak as not as immediately gave, promised show after painting.

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All ??? my opinion - icon has not the place, on which can be to train and did couple's Godparents :dontknow:



And what there did, me importantly to lot more texture was here is and nobody chose, that was under hand. And simply terrain the far on vykid, and so modicum people pleased money the not I take. Until kharoshikh decent occupational himself not painted and in free access there is no. On this not earn.



found equating the in the yard many years've been lying on the street, even inward dirt engulfed

Put would minus. But on life not evil man 1. Attitude to manufacturing as icons of. Nasty board



Andry, caveat very imperceptible. With icons and increasingly that stems with religious themes of, so cannot be. Read on forums, have people after such a relations, many what this happened, and they and be guessing where first could not why (of the needle such, looms, people are beginning suddenly much to root, constitute in accident and camping on D. Before frezerovaniem as icons of need to obtain blessing. Pro the icon that frezeruete, need to know increasingly and that on it showed, too,. For examples read the first post in this the Frost, author Belazov. I you in no way case not want intimidate or dissuades, simply read literature and forums have on this topics, all passengers prepare and then in reverse while. Caveat imperceptible!

P.S. And for training facilities, if need to model where many texture, as you write in office higher, don in lichku I you dam, simply so.

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I evoked see my father and be and osvyaschal ????, bought these authorization on work with icons, after this matter as on oil, and the until this indeed were can get a little weird.



Ah here is for this I subject and nurtured! To people on of negligence not were looking for a fight on trouble in good fact and to was whom explain - that such well, and that such poorly :cool:



I of course not opravduyus but I think I repeated, not some the pagan or bad symbol of. Ah that OK d know thank you.

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The snake, the first work fully by me, terrain made in artkame, material: Yasen ’.

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This, too, from first - s best, so say, place in ranks chpushnutykh 8-)
I have was then just mucus such!

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Pine. Studied under artkamu-if not the first work-the second accurately.



My first cuts lamp (3 mm MDF) and (Trex 5mm)



The first experience average lines.



My the first work which normally succeeded the.
Was cutting on pine has. Sorrowful in painting and tonirovke - They ought.



Is famously broke a we even before painting not came close, but still ahead



The first experience 3-D-of Engraving on allyuminiyu.
Frezeroval opposite an engraver, locked up and tortured manually. The result exasperated, can be try of the spiral conical + the cooling liquid.

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. The most the first. On marble -zubotekhnicheskim boracium and with a sharpie just've circled.



My the most the first. The first Hi,. Osina, Blagoevgrad Province. Immediately with winter fur. Knowledge zero, but desire to was the huge here is and broke a. Since then interior from aspen'm bypassing party.



My the first work, blowers monumental 90gr.



Today made first work on the loom. This became possible only thanks to Vladimir "Dok." He gave model, made UE and advised on all issues.


Here is my first terrain, Thanks Forum

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shalek wrote:

Моя самая первая. Первый блин. Осина. Сразу с зимним мехом. Знаний ноль, но желание было огромное вот и получилось. С тех пор осину обхожу стороной.

А зря!,сделайте заготовку в период полного набухания почек,будете приятно удивлены.
PS;ещё успеете поэксперементировать,главное,высушить на соку.



My first out of kilter with proven seeks 4



And here is – my one of first -
Kuklodoska and kuklo which desk))

Plywood 4.5mm, not if would not was the economic as propeller, was would ideal material, and as know, what even from it's got the bumper would.



Tried on days relefchik.

The ball 1 mm step mere 0.5.
First tried on penoplaste, but this not saved - on laptop broken 3 such. And here is which held its fourth has passed until the end of.
Ah and not despite ruination small step, are visible swathe of from cycles of processing, need to that whether will 0.1 try.



Superbizon wrote:

attempted to on days relefchik.

The ball 1 mm step mere 0.5.
First tried on penoplaste, but this not saved - on laptop broken 3 such. And here is which held its fourth has passed until the end of.
Ah and not despite ruination small step, are visible swathe of from openings, need to that whether will 0.1 try.

10 percent always step vortex

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Plug socket, MDF. Model took with Forum.

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And I began with such works))
The most the first


Broke a gets a little messy (putty on varnish, then again varnish) as then have advised better use dark varnish.

ffferz wrote:

and I began with such works))
The most the first

But as you so neatly von cleaned?

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My the first he not threw away, made mill from perevogo drills.





Engraving on pine has



Time milling the general 36 hours
Pokraska- white blossom a



Shkarevskiy wrote:

gap adjustment-MDF,
Time milling the general 36 hours
Pokraska- white blossom a

Very well for first works.
What compound pin socket with the foundation corps?

As the tenacity?



Only that made cliche from magnesium =) was very stiff about of reverting =) 2sm, magnesium. Cliche for selective UV varnish on the skin

And here is and the result =) very poraduvav =) all broke a =)

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Одна из первых работ в Арткаме и на станке,сборка из бесплатных моделей.Модель большая,930х460х20 мм,за день не успел вырезать,дорезал на следующий день.За ночь щит повело,примерно посредине видно ступеньку,хоть и подшлифовывал после.Получил урок,не останавливаться посредине модели,нужно дорезать до конца.Этот щит валялся около полутора лет,и вот на даче пригодился,прикрыл им стык обшивки в веранде.Покраска;морилка,перламутр,алкидный лак.



One of the first works with viewing CNC - the door "harmonica",
Filenki met in 3-D and 2D (engraving on average lines, on vektoram)






Here is decided to show that I have is obtained. Brought together machine, helped comrades.
Want will share photos.

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The first work on the loom in 3d, model downloaded with the internet,
Company word processing kontsevaya d 6 mm
Last but konusnaya blowers 1 mm step 0.1.



The latter work, yesterday carved two pieces, d to train cover of varnish (still nor one work until mind not carried, fear debauch)
Model with Forum. For that large him thank you. All whom showed very liked.
Cuss out birch 120 mm. • 135 mm.
Company a spherical d 4mm,
Last but konusnaya rotating blade 1 mm step 0.2



Here is my the first work in 3D
Until lacks experience simulations took model with Forum but not very liked detalization (company 6mm, last but 0.2 60grad):

Dmitri Donskoy

Here is the first model in Artkame 2008 with fotorgrafii,, too, a bit failed upper part (last but done an an engraver from drills Passage 0,5mm, camping on K. Not prishki even gravera)
On lower photo in sight many cisele, tired of shyorkat part, material birch

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The same model but from pine (cutting max goes lightly, when put mountain birch can stayal modicum headphones put it on)
Cuss out pine 220 mm. • 250 mm.
Company a spherical d 4mm,
Last but konusnaya blowers 1 mm step $0.16



In garage found two refers chessboard, immediately same decided to on with a vertical milling center put.
Here is what emerged, model naturally with Forum himself sketch not becomes.
Has tried questioning a corner to avoid cisele but not helped (skin better but longer)
Below even a few photo of those as


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