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"Ulybnulo and not only 2"

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And fill than? A horse's dose epoksidki?



Cool gender) Also itself such want)





Alas, not ulybnulo. Here at all in family rift went.
On order, come with work, grandmother with the grandson lessons make (3 th class).
About! You have us the most is a clever, Pomogi child domestic task do. 'm.
Photo not very, than under hand was - produbliruyu task: "At hosts in Old Orhei go 100 pupils. 48 of them - boys. Whom more: Girls or boys? On how many? "
This they in the classroom decided - 100 - 48 = 52 (girls); 52 - 48 = 4 (girls on 4 human more). Further in describing (this already task on house) -
"Be the number of boys so, to gain in response the number of: On 1 more; on 1 less."
I looked on conditions and (as the most is a clever)has now issued - a Task decisions not has, under any data in end will always be an even-numbered the number of, but not "unit."
Better would I so on funding not spoke, - You not like it or help, child teach need to. And camping on P. And camping on D.
In short Perlman, a foreign pupil together with The Farm repose compared with authors such a a textbook.



timyr.m.63 wrote:

Hmm. Ah and if boys do 51 or 53. Simply will change his-in children, and pro preserve his-in children 100 chol. In the condition not said.

On hosts here we go 100 children. Point. This condition tasks. "If boys do 51 or 53", then girls will 49 or 47. In any case the difference or 2 or 6 (quite).
Realize, we, adults can here still optimistically, to assume. Task the for child 3 th class. Condition - the that blue spelled out post higher. In the condition need to change only the number of 48, to gain in end "unit."
Who studied under still under Soviet Union, the knows problem pro and a half a digger out here this.

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Pro task pro boys. There is decision 50.5 boy.



DeKot wrote:

Увы, не улыбнуло. Тут вообще в семье разлад пошел.
По порядку, прихожу с работы, бабушка с внуком уроки делают (3-й класс).
  О! Ты у нас самый умный, помоги ребенку домашнее задание сделать. Смотрю ...

Фото не очень, чем под рукой было - продублирую задачу:  "На экскурсию в Старый Орхей поехали 100 учеников. 48 из них - мальчики. Кого больше: девочек или мальчиков? На сколько?"
Это они в классе решили -  100 - 48 = 52 (девочек)  ;  52 - 48 = 4  (девочек на 4 человека больше). Дальше в учебнике (это уже задание на дом) -
  "Измени число мальчиков так, чтобы получить в ответе число: на 1 больше;  на 1 меньше."
Я посмотрел на условия и (как самый умный) выдал - Задача решения не имеет, при любых данных в итоге всегда будет четное число, но не "единица".
Лучше бы я так прямолинейно не говорил, - Ты не хочешь помочь..., ребенка учить надо... и т.п. и т. д.
Короче Перельман вместе с Ферма отдыхают по сравнению с авторами такого учебника.

оперируйте учителем или училкой , вот и будет у вас 101 человек 50 мальчиков и 1 учитель - 51 мальчик(в условии нету мальчиков учеников) и 50 девочек .
задача на логику

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This history found Los Angeles (LAX)I not is sustained and putting its here, perishing strongly liked.

How a techie or a effective manager disciplined

There is I have each Dima - programs the on CNC looms. ???? qualification have him simply hike. Works neatly gathered on factory, writes / modify the playbills of for their looms.
Such a bit flegmatichnyy the guy, not deep in blessed and fully a satisfied its not really high, as I believe, for his level wage.

So would he sitting and further, but got acquainted he with a and spending on life suddenly have risen sharply.
T. K. Current place work his fully pretended - its bureau, ~ 7 hours worker day, the free schedule, opportunity work from homes, heap social brooches - blessed far too admired by his his there and’s leadership has tried earn loyalty such a of value contractor - write on hands for ~ 4 hours program for full processing resulting on obrabatyvayuschem the center of the, even with templates, not every can. And he indeed applied loyal to its firm. So beg raising salaries he was too embarrassed.
An alternative decision was found quickly - moonlighting thing,. For their career have Dima has accumulated heap proposals to move on a new work, which he politely declined. And here is upon us it is time take advantage of old the regularly.
Was invited do in one such a the countess and have proposed confirm’s skills in the form of test quests for mechanic slide development center. Having looked task, Dima forewarned - there was such a scribbles done, that Biding my on integral project. But, as I already spoke, Dima in his fact you not one dog, posoliv pudom of salt. For him this task was on one a tooth. And he, thrilled about wanting to when faces customers, agreed.
On next day he quite finished writing that program and sent its on the e-soap japanese governmental superiors prior with telling commentary, that times task test, then use program in commercial purposes he prohibits.
Next week Dima time come with friendly letter with refusal from his services. But Dima not upset, and only profoundly sad snickered and became write program for the other firms, with which it has already was all on ointment.
History on this not ended. Became would I such before write :)

Through some time Dima learned, about fate his test quests - land rumours is full in the form of servismena CNC-shnoy firms-producer, which summoned in the countess, where Dima received refusal.
Spend me in-, and there are worth leftovers from the development center, in which as if fell round. Spindle and tool Music wound down over time sideways on your head, drives pokorezheny. Started asking, that yes as? Blessed says - loaded up Diminu program, configured machine. All was in order, machine even 10 details plan (time processing details ~ 5 hours), and then machine went in spin wildly and see the, that see.
Began deal as such happen could and found out, that in program traits pace they, but found neslolko nedokumentirovannykh teams for factory tune, press, which disconnected safety system on the center. So, when was lodged team redesign your shpendel on full and enter in him instrument shop on full tilt, testimony dinamometrov and kontsevikov were ignored. Program was up trapped on the processing 10 details, and then sometimes regime the suicide and formed a text file, in which’humiliating letter message:
"Ah, means not agreed to and you me not follow."

Source: … kazal.html ©



On the street found worker, works until on gender rates



Engineer, which long could not draw it plan evacuation, stupidly Palace the building and became look, where climb people.



My God! As same difficult be woman …
Decided to put on the running other am informed — had to even cowards change of clothes!







In themes current circumstances in world.
Have us increasingly platno: Be born, learn, marry, act to, die.
For free permitted only work.



Female wisdom

Gifts accented two species: Those that you not like, and those that you not arrive at.

Girls! If a man churchgoers around you establishment, then this nothing not means - can be have him simply one leg in short the other.

Life without love - this as banking expense without money.

Woman almost the entire niei?u consists of seats ,-called indecent words.

Want become.... .asleep belle. If Prince not they’ll fix it, so modicum I'll sleep with the.

Made the deep the cleanup in his purse. Had to two times London build secretary!

Gathered together five girlfriends, and to speak not about than. Because gathered all.

Well be the only a in male collective: You have them and for gonna pull a Good, and for beauty but also an.

Decided on beach, realized, that to do tattoo in the form of flies on derriere was VERY bad idea.

Female epiphany: And here is nor fig men not same assessment - one worse another!

First you thinking, that no one never'll love, and then in your life emerges a.

A strong girl - this not the, have which increasingly well.
This the kind, have which increasingly well, spite nor on that.





Until what people not'll have the sense to :cool:



On the street goes girl with 6 st size of bust.
To it suited the guy:
- Girl with, give for thumping expect to!
- Has gone the fuck!
- Nu modicum for 100 dollars.
- No!
- Let us for like, a gazillion.
- Enough, went the fuck!
- Let us for five.
Girl thought: What five units for you are not putting to do.
- Vell, went sidebar in court yard.
. Otherwise it'll jam a blouse, the guy working the it tits several minutes, she not enduring the:
- Qusay faster, made see?
- produced. Sheeit. Costly!






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Grandfather worked on the slaughterhouse. Ah, and meat, of course same police reportedly used itself, harder who far. And grandfather passion liked you know, fried veal "an udder, and to on a not rounded up - stashed his itself in trousers, (such spetsovye with those buttons). So here is, after another change of hidden grandfather home with a good a piece of in summer. Already in bus ride, not observed, that one pugovichka popped open and back a shoulder Stumbling out from that inseam. And conductress, feel contrary, overlooking the lukewarm response storyteller have him between legs, has become CHOL eyes show, to my fly zipping up. Granddaddy with confusion became this shoulder back put. Until he've flung its my fly, have him falls out leaders shoulder. Have konduktorshi eyes already Square and it clearly became lack the air. She has become rattle hands in side grandfather and open of the right his mouth. But an old man long not became tormented and with words: "Yes to they Flunk!" - took out travel knife now and otchirikal breast is. Harder their in pocket, he, with internall? guise of having looked on konduktorshu, delivered: "I have still there is!". But conductress this already not heard, because, zakativ eyes, with lumbering collapsed in safe passage bus



smol310777 wrote:

of the transit worked on the slaughterhouse.

Under table =))

Tanks in city of.



Question forumchanam.
5 + 7 eleven or adinnadtsat?



Дилик wrote:

The subject forumchanam.
5 + 7 eleven or adinnadtsat?






Is worth blandinka near its machines with shown wheel. To drive mima, stop the guy and asks she has.
- that happened?
- wheel has got a flat tire
- fully?
- NO NO, only from below)





Stayed on traffic light.
Near does freeze girl and seemed to forget glass.
Ah I, too, 'm putting down glass and smile it.
And she me: - "Choi,, too, farted?")





When have State there is no lighters





- the Pope, and have grandmothers klavy what full name of?
- Claudius.
- My company reimburses me, and I with t'lads Lorre makes a bet, that solo is!





Model a football ball from tree of





With humor about sad things



On subject advertising alcohol products





Expensive svidomye, digger manually Black sea, admirers have junta, and other evil spirits. Ah not need to on Russian Forum try to teach us to live. Write in lichku and I uninstall an your account. Will easier and us and you.
’ ll share-free laborers instructions) To certainly)



Administrators wrote:

Dear svidomye, digger manually Black sea, admirers have junta, and other evil spirits. Ah not need to on Russian Forum try to teach us to live. Write in lichku and I uninstall an your offer your. Will easier and us and you.
’ ll share-free laborers instructions) To certainly)

Harsh times require harsh measures :flag:





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Decided add the cat ?????????????? features tell you?)




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