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"Ulybnulo and not only 2"

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Kopipasta however.

Led on the Holy a throne of
Today overwhelmingly Catholic institution papacy is one of the most established and respected in world. However so was far not always.
Amusing to read history Roman popes. Catholic Orlyk the-watchers celebrate “great College of Pontifices ”, then proclaim their villains,“ real devil ” - or at all strive to prove, that moreover or conjures Pope not existed in nature.
Until stingy days in papal the list itemized two Benedict's, two Stephen's Cathedral II, two Honorius II. But somewhere between 1033 and category: 1276 years table hype Pope John twentieth! John VIII existed twice: As the legendary woman on papal a throne of, “pope Joan in popular culture John ”, that were exposed, when she starters use directly in cathedral, and as high priest, realistically ruled in 872-882 devolving And John XXIII simply will be excluded from history papacy!
At all, 'mommies named John especially not good. Usually, as John VIII (real) was poisoned by their the relatives and overwhelmed a hammer; John X -’t strangled pillows; John XII, famous their there springs going all night, rang to death one of frustrated, husbands; John XIV died in jail starvation death; addressing Pope of, above, than surviving Frenchman brutally to kill his, curtailed language, nose and ears.
But the most “flamboyant ” a biography, to be sure, have“ moreover the most ”, vycherknutogo from lists John XXIII. His present name of - Balthazar Caussat.
First time future the head of the Catholic world was famous for proclaiming the, as. One of the most bold and private pirates the Mediterranean 1380’s. From attacks his flotillas have suffered Bank Spain and Italy, Arab countries Maghreb. The most rich trophies yielded robbery Christian churches and monasteries.
Later Cosse was connected fulfill secret orders several popes: In particular, he have personally experienced verdict expected Wednesday and executed the Cardinals, the accused in conspiracy. In gratitude to her for these merit the most Baltasar installed in good cardinal's a dignity. Was it is time great split Catholic world: Popes clinging immediately on two, with every of them called rival “Modern claimants to the papacy. ”
So, in the early XV century in different cities, with their konklavami, vossedali Grigory XII and Benedict XIII; and after Pisa Cathedral 1409 Propulsion Popes became three!
Gregory acknowledged in Naples Federico II the Kingdom, in Hungary, in parts of German princedoms; Benedict - in Spain and Scotland; France, England, Poland, Inetrior, many German and Italian state was called “were the deputy God on earth ” Alexander V.
Finally, after death Alexander, his, the nearby cardinals appointed wrestle on how, to replace dead “man strong hands ”, former pirate and a public executioner –, Baltazarom Kossoy. He was elected reinstated 25 on May 1410 year.
Need to give justice “to the gentleman luck ”, narekshemusya followed XXIII. He tried to to fight for unity church; had convened in Statistics year ecumenical Cathedral in Konstanz, the, where put question about removal “troepapstva. ” However, precisely the this Cathedral and became fateful a mistake Kossy.
Deal in is, that a new pontifex has not has lost pirate habits: He accumulated huge wealth, in particular, by establishing majestic “business ” on indulgentsiyakh - recorded otpuscheniyakh sins; 've started occupy a war, indulged neimovernomu fornication. Simultaneously a new Pope userdstvoval in burning...... heretics, - precisely Caussat began persecution of hero and martyr Czech people, Jan Gus.
In late all, about monstrous flaws Pope have spoken and commoners, and Princes, and kings. Cathedral in Konstanz, the imposed addressing Pope XXIII charges from 72 points, among which were: Sale church posts and Suns, adultery (Allaah forbid) with wife brother, with own daughter and comes, the corruption of thousands of women, in including nuns (300 mistresses in one Bologna, sodomy, oppression poor, violation of all laws, disbelief.
And Pope was Richard is deposed. Sent in castle Totleben (Switzerland), Caussat found, that there same contains and Yang Gus. But great Czech burned the buried, and before ex-reinstated through three years doors cameras, the floodgates for 38 thousands of gold florins.
Died he on freedom, in Florence, and was buried with honors. Say, in recent years life Balthazar most extravagant in their sins and wrote philosophical poems about the futility of dawn.






204 Nostalgia)


An interesting phone call)



Stumbled on such work:



On Forum was imposed on them occupational with ICE automobile. There there is badge-the logo auto.
I real life instance the entire staff in search of this auto and not has found his. Nowhere not met and such the logo. Firm such a was, but the logo I not has found. If who knows - Podskajite, can this 3d max badge?

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artip wrote:

I real life instance the entire staff in search of this auto and not has found his

A so?





Friends, READ smaller SB laughter NOT burst!
Come today on the RAM chip. All already on place sit waiting for even (of our her dearest captain). Getting sucked up …
— your mother! Who yesterday in the task force watching!
— A that happened? In than deal?
'm, Palych definitive ozverevaet:
— Who yesterday in the task force watching!
Comes Curly:
— I, comrade captain.
— You on challenge traveled!
— So accurately, comrade captain.
— the deceased picked up!
— or her …
('m zadumchivey all Curly becomes)
Palych (with great fervor in voice):
— LEU?!
— Nikolai Pavlovych, ah I its this … in conceptual drove, there behaviour for one was, me its had to very puling. (The janitor in our orphanage used to select in drunk: Drunken).
— You further tell me about it lieutenant of.
- Well in s seats not was … A she after all old, could not perishing I its on gender throw … Nu I its on chair kingship about the janitor, and she slipping back … I tied with rope its and pegged, in one hand it passport put an, in another the resolution on an autopsy …
To point when Curly graduated, they laughed already all, precisely, they laughed.
- Is that so moreover, that behaviour for it entire night anecdotes, mentioned so with morning came cleaning lady,, too, aaaea incidentally … asked s showed to she its feet roused, aaaea speaks out … cleaning lady thought: What that aaaea warm rain fell and has pushed its its feet a mop and a promise, when cleaning lady realized, that aaaea died, it immediately has lost consciousness and falling down hooked documents, which strictly fell on cleaning … Medic thinking, that cleaning lady and there is're a dead man, so as documents lay on it. That plunged its on of what happened and car where on an autopsy, where its stripped and triggered on the table for mortem. In this time, came students 1 appreciation with some med school, attend under the showdown, surrounded cleaning and a female teacher in Muzeum Wsi Slowinskiej do the first an incision, turned to the cleaning lady head, in this moment it opened eyes and woke up. In celui fell all, even a female teacher in.



Level decisions subject

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Has bought family apartment. Have become to do renovating. Wife husband says:
— educating power; to neighbors from below, ask how many they of rolls wallpaper bought, when did its renovating.
He went, him said:
— most.
Bought, have become informed me that. 6 of rolls remained. Husband the angry, again goes to neighbors:
— you made, bastards, say truth was difficult? Have us 6 of rolls remained!
— And have us 6 remained.



Perhaps paint runs out aswell Link


With a related software site









No one needs?

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The guy married. Through time writes: "Mother, have us was born son, have Thani there is no milk feeds his a negresse at that and turns child's turned black! Mother writes: Vasya, I have 5 sons milk, too, not was, they cows, but horns rose only have you!



When I have homes prepare girlfriends wife, I understand, that not on the married.


Winter pig







Here is this stress relief annealing))



Have us in Novosibe in as amuse oneself:

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fsako wrote:

No sooner pig

Rewarding for. So as I rural specialist and the average temperatures for year + 15. I would these Since wine rough has marched.


Can be the brain dislocate, from such textbooks :hobo:



Summer my mija



Each in China on fotal



Simply laugh)
P.S. Video not was able download.



smol310777 wrote:

Just laugh)
The reference
P.S. Video not was able to download.

Witness necessarily this video) would laugh at from souls. Brilliant) we the entire family simply, they laughed) Please my message not considered for Flud) This is realistically wildly funny)



The future has come)





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All with sincere wishes with the coming







Андрей Захватаев wrote:

In the my mija
The quality of photo not allowed achieve sufficient similarities (dorabotaete a file in it)
But smile obyazany)



Who knows as picture is called?, in my very is identically!, and if still cut on the loom.

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Picture is called Regina Angelorum, an artist W.E.B. Bouguereau.



After "black Crash" my neighbor watched press conference Putin’s on six their television sets!



Biker, putts around on La California. And here emerges cloud and is dealt voice:

- the Son my, know, that, despite being veiled, you always believed in me. I'll reward you for loyalty and fulfill yours desire to.

The guy thought and responded:

- my God, build yourself bridge between California and Nazi Germany capitulated,

- so want sometimes on weekend reach on a motorcycle until islands.


- Hmm, the idea glorious, but build enormous bridge from metal and bricks, with was coming out feet until the most trawling ocean. Contaminatethe we with you the world around it.

I, of course, this can, but with huge effort. Think about it about friend desire, which you on fact helped would to humanity.

- my God, you rights, as always. Molitvakh so, to every man understood women.

- Anaaaa. Even when they silently are smiling at everyone eating, or suddenly shed tears.

And to men, understanding their, always knew, than and as their have more news, than them help in hard moments life, as their love,.

Central U.S. his:

- A how many pages like it or on the bridge?



A new Russian on 4 persons goes to with excessive use, his brings the DPSovets.
— So, are emerging from machines.
— Has gone on's • the!
— I said, are now moving beyond!
— I said, went on's • the, freak out!
DPSovets tide is turning in side uazika and shouts: "Petrenko)!"
From uazika here...... bulges out got a big-ass "Khohol, is coming to Jeepu, breaks down the fist glass, pulls out novorusa for head through window, all knotted up, uneasy in would, himself drive on place driver and reaches intercom system.
— Central, the Central, says ordinary Petrenko). Detained victimise. Overstepping speed. Had provided the resistance.
— Petrenko), says Central. Means so, you his in wood on our place take, there third @ khni, then in detention centre will be delivering. Clear?
— So accurately.
Go. Novorus looks, affairs fig, "Khohol a healthy, need to something to think.
— Hey, Petrenko), let I you money need some quiet.
— NO cannot be, senior third @ khnut ordered.
— Nu made you as not its, do you say fleeing, go, ??? ?? ? ? I have still clock with stones launching.
— I said there is no.
Go further. Works walkie-talkie:.
— Petrenko), Petrenko), this Central. You until forests came?
— Central, Petrenko). Still there is no.
— You let to us put it in the bay, will you take still two with a.
— A their, too, third @ khnut?
— No, you their there on our place kill and bury, and moreover, first, third @ khni and then in detention centre bring.
— you understood, comrade captain.
Go quietly. Novorus with minute sits, then bends down to khokhlu, keeps fiddling with his for sleeve and says:
— Hey, Petrenko) I got third @ khnut, you only not get mixed up, now!





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Can this already was? Me liked

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What "profligate" a glass :D



- Do you like Honey Honey, Oh, make love and Premier! - they're--lalalaaaah of drunk-bees do, pulling out from felts of a den bear on snow.
Goes to machine. On the crossroads slightly not is pushing a pedestrian in. The shouts on driver. Driver opens window and says:
- Chego are you yelling? Can be think, you one scared!
Nine morning. Two strongly pleated men buy vodka. To top glued any cover slips with (stopping) nutlets (yet another a dorky theater.
The first:
- Kvartalnye, here still and nuts there is.
The second (after pause):
- This is to from proteins for, when are to come, at.
- unfond of men! And I have machine now - "nine has"!
- Wu you same "six" was.
- turned over!
Student walking with a, go past restaurant. Girl says:
- zhyttja, as tasty reeks!
- year liked? Let even times we'll walk!
Familiar in bus ride got carsick, she fell asleep, putting head on reduce leverage near an elephant sitting guy, which already, too, slept. Sleep as lovebirds. Near loudly they phone. She, thinking, that homes: (Diane) - Honey, open the door. Guy:
- ta Zai, you with the edge of, you and hurry up to open. On the bus has passed the rogue kills himself-- laugh.
Seemed would, why, satira na kill murderer killers, but Dontsovu already was not stop.
No one Masha in that first class.
- A you considered you can? - intepesuetsya programmer.
- One, two, for, like, three, four, five, six, seven.
- A further know?
- . Eight, nine, ten, J, L, Kopol, ace.
On Easter children broke up the on large numbers yard raskrashenye eggs - yellows, green, the Blue. To the balls suited cock, long looks at them and some gloomily says:
- Yes. Will have all-??? the peacock snout to beat.
Once a small girl asked senior brother: "
That such love? ” He responded: This when you every day're stealing I have from portfolio chocolate … A I continue to moisture to his in one thing and, too, place.
Field about membrane in crazy
House. Suited a psycho:
- You firmly for paintbrush holding up?
- Yeah - replies the.
- Then I staircase take away.
Jet undergoes a ruin. In survivors, jumping with parachute, remains one in. Landed on a desert island, from around the between its in dream struck. Is waking up-near sits the guy, meat is grilling.
- You who? Where turned on?
- Yes perpetrator I. Me on this the island 15 years ago one have left, thought I'm going to die. And I, Wisz, grades of meat dabble.
- Ox, and I would eaten!
- A that in exchange will you give on meat?
- Nu, wasn only that you 15 years not has tried!
The guy jumps up in, 's lashing its hug:
- Honey you my! Welcome you my! .fat vodka brought with her?!
To drive on highways, driver will decided to, give you a ride progolosovavshego a pedestrian in. Through several kilometers he observed, that have him disappeared clock. Drawing his a pistol, he has cried:
– A ah-pay ‘ Some Harley Street quack, it to give me clock!
Fellow traveler meek where, authorized clock and was thrown out pink from machines. When driver will returned home, the first question his wife was:
– Honey, you today on the morning so’t in a hurry, that forgot homes their clock.
One the angry black a ,-kind very superstitious a pedestrian in four hours on faces a cross roads.
When Golden Ponyo On saw Flughafentransfers Belteleradiocompany, she quietly told: - Eady. Walk. Have your old already increasingly there is!
Wise before lunch child washing our hands. Is worth and holds hands under blast water. Say: - My hands, three their.
Looked on me as on emotional and: - Two their.



The guy goes in pharmacy:
- Girl with, give liter medical spirtiku.
- A recipe you have?
-! ” Heh, was would recipe, I would his himself made.



- That an ant toil a host day. Children, and that is happening then?
- A then any a disease would step in and will crush!


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