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Floating ambivalent patron + them tapping. There is whether sense?

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There is whether sense use floating ambivalent patron or rezbonareznoy ambivalent patron with horizontal the head, if machine keeps managing to do oppressive narezanie carving (them tapping)?
In this moment metchiki zazhimayu in the usual tsangovyy ambivalent patron. But they often bend. Precisely bend, not of the needle.
Machine - of Haas "MiniMill"
Metchiki M3 (moreover diameter of 2.2 mm) with flight about 58 mm.
There in the deaf on the locking on depth 5-6 mm in bauxite casting.
’ s =7 40 R.P.M. F =0 Dubbed mm / about.
Perhaps, bend they from-for large departure under small diameter. Perhaps, is bad also the quality of casting.
Will save whether position use special. Patron? If have someone there is experience, share, please. In leadership to machine said, that in such shells no need.



Have you problems with some position gaps.



Energizer Holdings, Inc., metchik churchgoers for the same coordinates X Y, that and Kiev before him. As under this can be problems with some position gaps? Machine a new.

Artem, command benefits in mm / about (G95), mistakes be not can. The speed - perhaps. Taps and dies - one. I more inclined sin no on nezhestkost metchika. Knockout increasingly-??? never small for such a delicate.



jeronimo wrote:

But they often bend. Precisely bend, not of the needle.

Traced in what point bend. On withdrawal of, under the movement of, look need. After no plenty narezanykh holes? What the depth of a groove? Under the deaf on the locking exit shavings there is no. Slavgorod applies? Jurisprudence as apply metchik with large diameter of shank.



артем wrote:

yes they all standard go, thicker "conventional" nor has never met

Nipanimayu Chinese standards.
Manual (the first and the second), that I touch their hearts moreover fat,. Structuralized (one with full carving), too, moreover fat,. (More 3mm)
And long with thin khvostovikom are the thin material or were laughed ivory in the details after painting. Hands slicing, feel effort, and have topikstartera mechanically and a deaf hole. Specifically need look, on place.

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The most the first metchik served surprisingly as been paved more 600 holes (then has, not droop). Then matter, as lucky. Some put on 300 revivalist., some on 30. Moment, when it bends, until not sifting. Thought, that is pointing straight in bottom holes, technique) depth. Not helped. Emulsion portrayed. In on the locking remains many petty shavings.

Can try izvratitsya and do bridging nave box (with even more of ia?oaeiui diameter of for rigidity? Although with producing clenched will problems and kontsentrichnost with shpindelem will already not the. Perhaps, better find metchiki with fat khvostovikami. Thank you.


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