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Hello. I from Riga. Me 46 years.
’ ve worked in furniture firm.
Began explore program Xilog Plus.
There is couple of works highly frezirovki



Hello, colleagues!
I Vladimir. From Kharkova.
On 45kW with CNC’ve worked about 5 fringes years. But until now worked in advertising firm and handled mostly frezerovkoy 2-rendering products exempted. Recently moved on furniture firm. Has its grains specificity. Many work with 3-D-models, with whom before not rebuffed. Thank you Forum for aid cable and models.



Hello respected colleagues on make them beguiling. Meet the beginner. Hope on your aid.



Find welcome this weekend’all! Name is Paul. Area habitat - Cheliabinsk districts, range - Zlatoust. Are registered on Forum some time ago, until "smoke" forum along and across, messages not piss away and for this reason more 97% the big info, that under spoiler (automotive). Alas, concealed. D and further quit smoking, to identify the. Principle is simple - received information, you must use, not broke a - smoke anew, test. Not ‘, means little was smoking forum or. Your case unique. As something so.



Hello. Me name is Anatoly. Live under Kyiv in Propulsion Vasilkove.
In 2008 bought Roland EGX-350, in the past year blackcurrant still luganskiy # 4. Mostly,’ve worked in metals, with tree have had one.
Cool forum, pleasant company.



Hello forumchane!
Is happy d help, you and develop experience you.

With service from production to exportation, Marina.



Hello! Me name is Sergei. I from heat Nizhnevartovska. Saw the first time the beauty, that you did spring. Ignited, hope on long. Press even there is no, but soon will be. Until am learning work in ArtKame.



Hello me name is Sasha me 26 years. Machine brought together himself from moreover that was under hand. Until smoke forum explore programs yes, I'm cutting are. On site for themselves found many useful!



Zdravstvuytemenya name is Igor me 40 + years. From Latvia bought stanochek bzt 1410 gryzem on muss to a minimum, there is experience in mazatrole



Hello! I from Biyska (Siberia) for recently homemade CNC frezer now'm colonizing. Has found this overwhelmingly a useful forum. In childhood long handled carving on tree, decided to to apply skill)



Greetings, all I from Great Novgorod. The first stanochek CNC brought together still in 2006. Then works this deal. And now want reanimate.



All you good health! Nothing in ranks. Name is me Andrei.

For forum, a large thank you! Many useful and warm the atmosphere communication!

Despite to address melkoseriynym cast works pins, more to own interest. 'm colonizing ArtCAM (and already understood, that still long d explore :)) Until this handled outdoor an advertisement, so that Corel my house native :)

Demonstarting computer numerically controlled was still 4 year ago, have burned idea muster just, saved knowledge and references to the striker plate, but in end now decided to buy Chinese.
D resented thankful for aid in choosing a small press for works with wax.

Text or. Many obvious for you things can be for me secret, am asking, not argue you two immediately, and so. Ever kick refers in the right direction! Zarenee thank you!



Greetings! I Alexey from Russia city Smolensk)) That plucking up experience frezerovschika. Thanks to intel, it on site think this process will faster and easier, yes less a Bible'm gonna beat)) Anyone reflecting thank you who share experience, not thank you who spamit forum) Smolensk there is?)



All Hi! Me name is Viktor I use the beautiful cities Chernivtsi (Ukraine). Me 27 years. Himself on education historian and theme my scientific interests there is First world war - this and there is part of hobby. With Demonstarting with CNC first time got acquainted when Grand Canal from one a frame under reward. But so happened that now found very decent further where precisely is worth first-class machine with computer numerically controlled. Here is decided to and I learned) I hope that I have this make!)

Photo press'll send later) "It is pleasing contact)



All Hi! I Arthur from solar Armenia, cities Yerevan. On education radioelektronschik. Hobby and virtually the main work - the fabrication and restoration cold weapons, has license there is. My work you can watch on my personal site. Recently has acquired 4-'s axial CNC machine tool and hope he will me useful in work. Have read very many useful on this Forum, for that large thank you administration.

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Hello. There is whether here people living in Tashkent?



Greetings, me name is Vladimir. Live under Kyiv, am producing stanochkov computer numerically controlled. Programming and electrical and Electronics Engineering. D glad help and himself, too, to read to what any



Heh need to, too, unsubscribe.
All hello. Me name is Yevgeny. Years me almost 35. With CNC’ve worked with 2001 (laser technological installations, milling-engraving looms). City Moscow. And help and will commise if that :writing:



All Hi! Me name is Ilya, living and working in St. Petersburg. Recently has purchased Lugansk CNC with workers battlefields 800kh450, until mind until not successfully completed (need to spindle a normal to attach), but'm colonizing on the sly.



All bountiful time days! Name is me Dmitri me 40 years old I from Vladimir! Long that was to address than any for souls. And here is finally've lined up backgammon and decided to buy stanochek frezernyy with CNC (already ordered await the arrival) A until have been arguing, without successfully truth) deal in matt parts of. But I am confident under desire all tickles. D quit smoking forum. Thank you. With respect Dmitri!



All Hi, me name is Alexander, me for 45 they got into. Computer numerically controlled theme got interested in with year ago roughly. For sample made a small stanochek with labor zone 210 • 230. Liked, now do machine lot more. Double'm colonizing artkam zetbrash mach3. On forum came with goal training, communication. D glad useful advice and can himself whom d useful.



Hello. Me name is Anatoly. Live in Ukraine, city category: Kolomyia. Winter has acquired a homemade machine-program numerical control. Paul year may have brought his until mind, only sechas he became work almost as need to.’to meet troubled needs. Very likes work with tree.

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How do you do. Me name is Paul. Me 49let. Live in Kyiv. Mr SMlTH: Processing Ukrainian stumbling. There is their amp; D on its instrument for our stone. With computer numerically controlled densely sign 4 year. But with engraved. And with Photoshop and his analogues. Fell on forum accidentally. Then are registered and zagrelsya frezerom. This is one of normal forums which me the apparently. Water there is no.



All Hi! Me name is Sergei, I have lived in Belarus. Quite recently became gold press with computer numerically controlled, experience with similar equipment quite not mean. Think correct this deal.)



Grigo wrote:

Anyone reflecting Hi! Me name is Sergei, I have lived in Belarus

Nice homeboy, I come from Recyca Gomel.



Hello. Me name is Vasily. Live on Ukraine in city of category: Kolomyia. In May month has acquired homemade machine with CNC. Tony, I follow it his until mind. Interesting there on tree on subject Religion



130467 wrote:

Zdorovo homeboy, I come from Recyca Gomel.

Hello! Very glad here meet countryman.



Hello respected ChPUshniki bought machine and where borrow layouts and reliefs not know help pliz zaraniya blogodaren




All Hi!
Thank god (chronic) diseases have receded. Here is wiped away dust with his stanochka and'm resume its hobby! Glad that Forum evolves.



Guys, I'm here, chelyabintsy!



Hello. Me name is Anatoly. Me 23 years. Live in Tatarstan too costly Small Chegodayka. There is frezernyy machine with CNC IOC alias ANT 1285-SU. Explore forum. I'm just trying a on practice studied material from Forum.



Greetings, me name is Paul. Machine SM-1,500,’ve worked engineer on automation on factory. On work often am transfers-English language,
Do sites on Joomla. Very love motorcycles, 4 on VIth.
In the process studying arches, there is desire to download here couple of replicas for work, but lacks messages (24), help if not it is difficult!



Greetings. Me Name's Ivan, and me lacks 16 messages for moreover, to download newer model.



duomat1 wrote:

Greetings. Me Name's Ivan, and me lacks 16 messages for moreover, to download newer model.

As in American films recognized 8-)

Greetings me name is. I, too, case of.

Messrs.! Write in BOS those people which have model-there is much the likelihood that you will shed the exile in lichku.



Hello, me name is Dmitri, literally on days arrived my machine 3020T-DJ, configured, gravirnul the text and until getting my bearings here. Hope, soon will be able displaying than either :-)



Егорыч wrote:

Greetings all! Me name is Oleg, me 52,

Olekhka, you it one such, want to live better, according to their the dreams from. My grandmother and great-grandmother on a graveyard of in Kherson, The bastards those who tries to share friends.
Luck you and we all!

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Bountiful time 24 hours. Me name is Sergei. Interest to CNC emerged on the former work, in workshop on manufacturing metal-plastic windows and glass actual structures. Stood there machine for processing and milling glass … But in thereafter learned that not only there is ready to looms for an exorbitant amount of money, but and “components looms at reasonable prices ” … Now machine ready, there is no only experience, hope that more comrades will help under creating" love problems. "



Sdravstvuyte me name is Vitaly I from Germany year ago on one of forums saw homemade machine CNC and a commonplace speaking immediately nipoveril umovamі can be find out key parametres very creating themes understood umovamі increasingly nitakto and difficult and tackled's blueprints called and modeling, on Serka day mean homemade machine hybrid so as zdelan he I have from fruit, profiles, and plastic.
Mikhaniku and elektroniku Grand Canal from in online; it's and else actually right narabote.
Hobby: Computer numerically controlled and fishing
Yes and even Xcuse me for gramatiku :blush:



Hello forumchane! Not immediately found this branch welcoming.
Name is me Marrying. I from Ukraine. Live in Kharkiv. Entire conscious life am music, guitars and all, that with this stems.
Love remeslennuyu work. Always to it sought to, even long before familiarity with CNC. And sake of familiarity with appear to be found a job once to I know he's gonna on work (though tolerate could not this sphere of). Despite the, that to the time I already much knew and knew how, in area CNC was full zero. And these people adopted me such a, have taught basic knowledge, even and money tried to to pay! Spharischen gave me a necessary start, after which I already was able on their own for Ban to go in free authorities are (for that I them very thankful)!
And with before period year I became proud owner CNC press 900kh600kh100 (which I made 910kh680kh110)! :crazy:
Now have been arguing their hand present from from tree of. Substantially complicate life and prevents development the absence of abilities in area marketenga, of doing business and camping on D. But I try to put, as can, and hope for the best!
D glad communicate verbally and opportunities exchange experience.

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like would find fellow citizens, and the one in a burden for!

All had a good days! Me name is Habib I from mountains. Of Tashkent Uzbekistan. Here is already 2 year’ve worked on themselves I have 118404 with the turning hinge. Me 55 years on computer numerically controlled 18 years. Education artist-oformitel. Worked on curiously FVC (on psyche Yes, Chinese) fetus until (obrabatovayushikh) Centers. On Forum already year 3. From Forum I personally very and very many took. Thank you many participants and administration masters chpushnikam! :cool: Just sorry if in my seek will find mistakes. All Thanks! Working on JDPaint 5-20
I, too, could not discern this branch am asking beggars!

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Find welcome this weekend’all! Name is me Sergei. Brutus - in the diversion with of the Armenian means points of, than today and earn on bread, and earned on machine 40kh60 and dozen mills. Talking ab quite freely (to assemble a nalepov (reliefs and) on products that can be replicate with the help gipsovykh forms of, but cannot be scaled. Here is here and me will help machine. For two months more-less learned voyat in artkame and in zetbrash, buoyed by also korelom and from Max (under need). Many knowledge received with your Forum, for that very thankful tvortsyam and participants already there are several skrinshetov with my works, which like would field in Forum for critics and councils, but until not know where and lest not violate rules and groundbreaking Forum, until simply explore forum. Luck all!

Verkhovna you to see. Your message now in the right section. (Administrator)

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Dobryi day me name is Yevgeny, I from Ivanovo. For work there is the need in studying artkama and Acquisition CNC. Think thanks to this Forum increasingly tickles.



Hello. Sergei, 35. Voronezh-Moscow-Lipetsk - where only not lived the past few years. Its production, furniture - tree.

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Find welcome this weekend’all. Rafael, 37 years. Kazan. Experience work on FVC with CNC there is no, but experience work in sphere IT will allow, I think, to develop permanent looms. Hope materials Forum will help in this untenable, but interesting deeds.



Greetings Anyone reflecting from 8000 Russian.’ve worked on (, launch an mill. All Good luck and creative successes!



All Hi, Viktor from Krasnodar.
Has acquired stanochek 40-60 with 4th hinge turning. Sit explore forum, administration gratitude to her for a useful resource)



I Arcadius, come by computer numerically controlled somewhere year, want assemble his machine. Modelit until not is obtained



All charged. I Vanya Kislovodsk. Bought machine CNC 2 • 4, viewing forum. Thank you all for something that share experience. Poorly the that "you need to garner still 30 messages, for viewing this text" and when I'll dial these 30 messages,, already and I shall forget the contestant subject.



All find welcome this weekend ’, + 1 to brand new, 'm colonizing artkam, let us communicate



All Hello! Me name is Vitaly, 33 year. Live in Novosibirsk. Recently has acquired table machine tool and now'm colonizing new "open spaces" for work. Want, nakonech the, to develop Bajaus coordinate milling and it engraved. Until that opinions only on this the relevant site. For furnished months found huge together informachii on programam and advanced. A bit razdrozhzhaet, that some information can be obtain, only having received a certain childrens messages.


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