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To those who only are registered
Welcome you!
You can here say hello with all and to tell a bit about itself.


Ciao. sono un nuovo utente.
Scrivo dall'Italia.
Ho amici in questo Forum.
Scusate se la sezione è sbagliata.
Mi serve del tempo.
Grazie per la comprensione.
Cercherò poco disturbare.
Buona giornata e buon Forum.

Aquila Reale da Italia.

Scusate il mio parlare in Russo.
Usato Google traduttore.

Hello. I a new the user.
I write from Italy.
I have there is friends in this Forum.
Sorry, if the partition is wrong.
I need time.
Thank you for understanding of.
I will try not hinder.
Dobryi day and good Forum.

Aquila San from Italy.

Sorry for my speech on Russian language.
Is used Google the interpreter.
Thank you.



Ciao Giulia.
non trovo la sezione presentazione.
Di solito tutti i Forum hanno questa sezione.

Chiedo perdono.
starò più attento.
Dovete avere pazienza.
Questo è un bel Forum.
Ho piacere di stare quì.

Hello Yuliya.
I cannot find the partition the presentation.
Typically, all Forum have this section.

I am asking forgiveness.
Thank you.
I will more careful.
You must have patience.
This a good forum.
I glad be here.



Aquila Reale wrote:

Chiedo perdono.

Niente affatto, non chiedono perdono
Not for that.
You not violated rules.

Aquila Reale wrote:

Ciao Giulia.
non trovo la sezione presentazione.
Di solito tutti i Forum hanno questa sezione.

Now this theme for familiarity.



you a new a participant Forum. Welcome.
You can here say hello with all and to tell a bit about itself.




Thank you



I from Bulgaria, I glad, that I can communicate with colleagues. Notify worst Russia, but use interpreter.
But I hope, that this is not is obstacle, to to share with you.
Greetings from Bulgaria



Grazie a tutti.
Stò preparando delle foto da mettere nel sito.
Sono foto di lavori miei.
Voglio aprire un mio Topic.
Per non sporcare quelli esistenti.

Non so bene dove.
Cerco la sezione corretta.

Anticipo una foto.
Grazie per la comprensione.

Thank you all.
I'm getting ready put photos on site.
There is photos my works.
I want open its own subject.
To avoid pollution existing.

I not know, where.
't seek the right the partition.
Pardon me.

Preliminary photo.
Thanks for Sharing (understanding of.



Ляна wrote:

A I from Yakutia =)

And where precisely? Yakutia much.
I, for example, relocated in Irkutsk from lenska (sink ARGUMENTY)



Aquila Reale wrote:

Wu me there is friends in this Forum.

Write who precisely?

Aquila Reale wrote:

I want open its own subject.
To avoid pollution existing.

Have us for restricted showing works for all theme one You get clicking



All hello! Me name is Vyacheslav, himself from Peter.
Machine until in terms of amp; D (all spares booked and go). Until they not arrived finally in explore matt. Part (Policy and Artkam). Exactly only began :cool:



StasKa wrote:

Wu us for restricted showing works for all theme one

For restricted showing ready works, am asking pay attention, which can be touch and photograph.
Skriny with files not routing. This in exchange, or in again sozdanoy topic. I understandable explained?
Additional questions in lichku.



Greetings all, I from Ukraine, Propulsion Sumy, name is Dmitri.

Am supplies of equipment for the plasma cutting metal. Plan do (to purchase) machine for cutting metal, and also frezer (the Cold) and flamboyant a hundred (nki) 'oc for work in advertising sphere.

I a latecomer, will try not ask stupid issues. Ah and if that :rolleyes:, am asking seriously with understanding. With his hand will try share experience and information.



Hello, 're all compadres!
- Democrats Sergei Venediktovich, 50 years, Vladikavkaz - getting my bearings here in subject - contrary path not see - dad's, like, was P.Gudauskas be served shortly - need to exceed.
All what'll learn how - razdaryu for free - "visit in my house, my doors open - d songs you sing and wine to."

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All Hi. I Valmorov Alexander, 45 years, from Tomsk area. Use machine DB 600 from chayny. ( not advertisements,’in the other firm.) In a whole has understood with him without external aid, although accompanying up documentation left it much to be desired. If there is among forums users such looms, then can be create branch for sharing experience exploitation this caused to.

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Hello! Me name is Roman.27 years. Live in Krasnoyarsk. Few years worked in furniture business, now in utterly the other area. When still handled furniture, began to build machine, -sdelal. Through year remade on a spiral transmission of (was on gymnast) Now am with presses is in any free time and mostly only for themselves.



Aquila Reale wrote:

Aquila San from Italy.

And where precisely from Italy?
E dove esattamente in Italia?



Ciao Igor79

Central Italy

Italia centrale



Thank you



All Hi! I Alex, I 3 year’ve worked on computer numerically controlled, work very like, love would and to educate myself, hope to purchase here priceless experience



Made in Minsk. Alexey - 't seek edinomyshlinnikov



All bountiful days! Me name is Maxim. I have lived in lower Novgorod. Recently (quite recently) became gold press with CNC. In real moment actively learn using with opportunities as programs so and the most equipment. Questions of course same there are already and could would posting, but will try not to bother, and very find answers. In separate topic'm gonna post photo press (problem-in China, model K6100A). In advance am asking of leniency, camping on K. Practical yes and theoretical experience communication with of this kind equipment until today moment not had.



Greetings, all I from Great Novgorod. The first stanochek CNC brought together still in 2006. Then works this deal. And now want reanimate.



Hello. I from heat cities Baku. A month ago stumbled on artkam grassroots. Then has found this site surprised not're just a silly girl remained good samaritan people. Might be certain



Hello. Respected! Me name is Mikhail. I from Moscow suburban cities Zvenigoroda)



Dobryi day. Me name is Alexey me 35.’ve worked in M. About Propulsion Dedovsk Urban Settlement already month read your forum think it is time contact take a closer!



All are a good day. Me name is Egeniy 23 years, Krasnodar the brink. Fell on forum week ago. Now am in the process collection information. Machine d borrow necessarily. It seems and not one - this will be my the main work, so now actively devise that precisely I will on it to do. Enormous flight fantasies.
Unique resource. Such accumulation clear structured information still nowhere not saw (ah can still - although and here and there many alone and those same people). Many run work moderators (scrolling pages-and every the second blockaded :cool:)
Thanks for Sharing (an excellent resource!



Pardon for offtop. :offtop:

EvgenKrd wrote:

Excellent work moderators (scrolling stranitsy- and every the second blockaded:cool:)

Ah very liked! :tired:

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Offtop, but a compliment within your: If would on "masterovom" were such moderators, as here, then and "a workman out" was would forum professionals, not zvezdobolov pro "policy", "change power" and for other on stilts. There virtually every the second theme zagazhena to the.
So that local within your only can have the credit and respect. :cool:
Offtopit more not d. But this forum, realistically, VERY fashion story different from majority forums, that I was connected to see.



EvgenKrd wrote:

and every the second blockaded

EvgenKrd wrote:

Such accumulation clear structured information

That on this say. If in the first quote, from a taunt, then in vain. Without the first quotes unambiguously not was would the second.
Forum and created for those who in this information REALLY needs, who its ISchET! And in-permanent blocked, fall in all relations freeloaders or people not can themselves to wage adequately in our community.

Ah wasn not freeloaders - those who stuff themselves with empty messages, to gain the right on downloading models? And individual, downloading, still and critical their sell on the vastness of the internet.

Ah wasn not freeloaders - those who is asking questions, which already graded work explained adequately not one times on Forum? Them decisional laziness take advantage of search for Forum, to find achieve escape the intel - here is put an would this anyone on as with blue bow on it.

Welcome to the Era to us on forum!



СерёгаЧПУшник wrote:

So that local within your only can have the credit and respect.

СерёгаЧПУшник wrote:

But this forum, realistically, VERY fashion story different from majority forums, that I was connected to see.

Me hit form of admiration with which man, withdrawn by the about Forum, not number of "ban (viceroy)" (not like, to me understood not correctly!)



Dobryi evening.
Bought machine "Swift" Only'm explore.
In CNC almost zero But if who needs aid on cutting tsvetmeta obraschyaytes.
N.Novgorod region Kazakovo 52
Zheleznov Vladimir.



Bountiful time days. I from Propulsion Five, Russia.’ve worked elektromontazhnikom. With starters 2012goda actively explore forum, lest to purchase priceless experience. 'm practicing on SM-325, notions not mean that would did without your councils. Every day open for themselves something new. In any time soon'll post an photo first works.



All hello! I from Propulsion Tayshet Irkutsk region, military retired. Decided to find itself attractive opportunity on psyche and for pittance. Not long has purchased machine model K6100A, 'm explore. Huge
Aid in the adoption of the brings this forum, BOLShOE ALL THANK YOU!



And this wrote-deleted.
And counter messages believes as comprehensive. This and there is set of.
Or even type th-aha-thank you and so on, Argh! Different



GVL wrote:

PS:Со своей стороны понимаю этот пункт ПРАВИЛ так: если мной будут написаны "некчёмные" сообщения и в последующем удалены АДМИНИСТРАЦИЕЙ сайта в количестве 50 шт.-бан.

Со своей стороны поймите так -напишите 10 сообщений,если из них 5 придется удалить-то тогда будут санкции.(50% а не 50 сообщений)
Поэтому пользуйтесь поиском-все для новичков обсуждалось.



Had a good days!
Me name is Alexey 33 year live in Novosibirsk. A month ago has acquired machine with workers battlefields 2kh3m production China. Bought these initially under cutting material ah and for creativity in free time.



All Hi! Me name is Ildar, I from of Chelyabinsk. Has acquired stanochek have decision Valera (Moscow). 'm using for themselves, sometimes friends-comrades are asked anything do.



All Hi!
Me name is Igor live under Kyiv (Ukraine) Priobrel machine - with workers battlefields 2000-1,300-300, now I'm just trying a to develop work on it.



All bountiful time days.
I Alexander from Omskaya area. 6 years’ve worked on korpusna furniture. Until this mostly worked on elektike and electronics components, although knowledge and skill enough in different things. It is time development production - have machine RJ-1325 with avtosmenoy tool, should come in mid-@-@ late on May. Until explore theory on Forum, hands already want get and until practice.



Hello. Me name is Sergei. City Tomsk. Have been arguing robotat ma a lathe already some what learned many useful found with Forum. But in life until account for earn another matter.



Bountiful you time days a remarkable site! Although already times use keyboard, on 5 days) I from of Tashkent Republic Uzbekistan like would find fellow citizens, and the one in a burden for) doing that mostly artistic parquet, entire a path armrests of are in kodyke sits, narovimsya work on the loom can with family time more pursue let us and the at all forgotten as we spam, have us machine Chinese Xian JH 1313



What the already together issues so and not've greeted.
All outskirts time days, I got name is Alan, had lived under 19 years in Novosibirsk, few years live in South Ossetia. With CNC stems until only formally (only opened production, pilim eksperementalno). On special. Lawyer, until recently worked Sudebnym harbour Ispolnitelem retire Legal Action FSOJ Ministry of Justice Department Republic South Ossetia, now the amateur ChPUshnik.

Thank you all who helps responses, experience, models and other lawyers goods.
Thank you tvortsyam that! From all viewed I - glance alighted only here.
Thank you within your! Possessing experience in moderation He-layn project - know that this for burden!

With service from production to exportation Alan.



Health Anyone reflecting! Sergei, city Tiraspol, solar Moldavia. For forum - thank you. For personal messages (answers forums on my questions) - separate lasting gratitude! With April month hard month explore ArtCAM and very glad that there is opportunity practised on a lathe computer numerically controlled. Luck Anyone reflecting in the adoption of the and in practice!



Hello participants Forum! (Guests laugh) Munya name is Andrei I from Ukraine city Kremenchug. Recently began study ArtCAM and further on FVC CNC, through „Briedisi must bring my machine and finally manages to move with theory to practice! Thank you Forum, very helped in choosing press, and in studying ArtCAM!



Me name is Competition 2004 Yuri. Was born in Tomsk, after 8 classes - setting on Sakhalin. On Sakhalin had lived under without small 20 years. (Graduated from school, served in Prymorie, the beginning of labor activities, osvaivanie different professions, the marriage of, the birth of two children and camping on D. After earthquake on the north Sakhalin in 1995 (1995 Neftegorsk earthquake) relocated on homeland, but not in Tomsk, and in one of grassroots centers. In this moment’ve worked in telephone intercepts.
"'m hooked" on CNC-machine. Hard "smoke" forums have (pardon, but not only this. Despite muster stanochek, blackcurrant something, await the couple of premises from China. Have been arguing to develop software.



Greetings all. I the usual operator CNC,’ve worked in Belarus. Recently began work on 5 axle (rover timeline for 2005 April WRT (disambiguation) xp600) and I mentioned that there is such miracle as artcam) I'm just trying a)) here is only if a commonplace until and it not is obtained only skachanye. And messages on topic ev-ev not know as and to garner. Train on lessons of. Ah and in general cool forum, nothing such a until in the Internet found.



All bountiful decipher :)
Salyut from and Mykolayiv, south BULA. Name is Mariana, 22 year. With CNC’ve worked about 4 years, but, until recently, only with 2D. Now'm colonizing its. Your forum has found the most adequate and pleasant. Already wrote this in the other topic (not have observed this line :)).
Hope, that will be able than something help you and not strongly get sick of me questions (certainly ordinary or trivial :)).
Googling not love - yandeksyu. , it is a pity that Yahoo not likes, was would more interesting :)



Hello me name is Dima, me 23 years, live in Ukraine in city of do dared, 2 month as began explore CNC and already managed shlopotat camp — ^ ^ Over time ban understood, that this very a serious forum and now d with respect treat administration and share only experience and useful information.



All Hi, long already've been scooping useful information with site, here is decided to get checked in and to share those, that know. With Demonstarting CNC’ve worked already two years, first did UE for looms and handled a bit design, now collect looms and programiruyu are)



Hello, I in newcomer in CNC very strongly me liked earlier attractive opportunity I'm just trying a rozobratsya.


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